Made In America: Made Movement: American Innovation At Work

This might be a bit off topic, but…

Made Movement is a Boulder “marketing agency” (built by guys from Crispin Porter) that has positioned themselves as being dedicated to, as they say: “We propel brands that make things in America with business-solving, needle-moving strategy and marketing.” I love that they’ve actually manged to find a business niche that delivers some resonance. Most agencies do not have a brand positioning that is remotely different from all their competitors despite the fact that this is what they say they do for their clients.”

They are also in the eCommerce business via their flash-sale site Made Collection. This site sells made in America goods – like shirts made by folks in the Oregon prison system. Made Movement is hoping to build on research that Americans think that goods made here are superior and also build on a bit of patriotism. The site is well-designed, easy-to-use and cool, its in that 2012 hipster style that’s ruling right now. It is an interesting proof-of-concept for the marketing agency pitch.

OK. Why am I blabbing about this? Made Movement has done a couple of the smart / idea / innovative / envelope pushing things that I think we all need / should / could / have to do… If we want to keep the brain juices flowing.  In their case, they are taking the very (very) moribund ad agency concept and are adding a very new twist, a way to position themselves differently and, via consumer insight, to deliver very fresh ideas.

Fresh is good. Being fresh is a good strategy. Works for all of us.

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