Little Bird Marketing Kicks Ass

I apologize for saying this. It sure seems to me that a lot of advertising agencies are on their back foot. They are in de-accelerate mode. That means it is a great time to accelerate your business development program. There is a gap. Take advantage. Fill it. Juice it up.

This post is about how the advertising agency Little Bird Marketing kicks ass.

But wait, there’s more. Over a couple of blog posts, I am going to highlight three firms in the advertising agency business development space that are making it happen. Strangely, it just so happens that they tapped me to participate in their acceleration mode.

Little Bird Marketing Kicks Ass…

One of my first advertising agency business development clients was my NOW wonderful friend Priscilla McKinney of Missouri’s Little Bird Marketing.

Things I like about Little Bird and Priscilla:

This is a proactive company. They do good work; are well-known in their markets; their website is an active sales tool that is designed to capture leads (not what one usually sees); they are on top of inbound marketing (mucho blog posts and thought leadership).

Priscilla is very active on LinkedIn (and 3,700 Followers on Twitter). You will see lots of posts and videos plus a high volume, awareness-generating podcast. The Ponderings From The Perch podcast is designed to promote and sell the agency by also promoting people like me. For example, I am sharing my podcast interview here. Quid pro quo. Plus… Priscilla is the kind of nice, smart, caring person that clients want to work with. Believe me, this additional ’emotional’ hook works.

My Interview

Below is a brief sample from Little Bird. It is a mini-podcast audio moment promotion that they want me to put on my website to reach you to support them (they also gave me the lead graphic at the top of this podcast). Smart. Click on the image b e l o w before you go listen to the full podcast.

Now… Listen to the full podcast interview here. Note that I am pointing you back to the Little Bird website. That’s what they want to happen. By the way, I was ON that day. It is a brilliant interview about my take on the state of today’s advertising agency and how agencies need to intelligently accelerate their business development program – now.



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