I Don’t Want To Live Forever

David Ewing Duncan discusses the opportunity and issues surrounding our increasing life expectancy in “How long do you want to live?” that’s running in today’s New York Times.

Here is the comment I posted on the Times site:

“I am just now finishing writing the book, “Boomercide: From Woodstock to Suicide” in which I discuss my decision to use suicide as a life planning tool. In my research, I have discovered that I am not the only Baby Boomer thinking this way.

Mr. Duncan mentions some of the issues that will confront society if people have extended life expectancies. For me the biggest issue of them all is — who is going to pay for all of these extra years? Retirement funds won’t last; Social Security can’t last; Medicare will end as you know it today (it will end as you know it any way) and your kids probably don’t want you and your spouse, and maybe the in-laws too, mooching for another 50 years.”

How long do you want to live? I agree with most people that 80 years sounds about right.


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