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Places in the World Where Euthanasia or Assisted Suicide Are Legal

Get this: You are dying; in horrendous pain; no hope; you’ve said your goodbys. But, unless you live in Netherlands (Green), Belgium (Red), Luxembourg (Purple), Oregon and Washington (Yellow) you can’t make the decision to die via euthanasia or physician-assisted suicide. In the USA, only Oregon and Washington gives you back your own right. Yup… […]

3 Baby Boomer Presidents And Marijuana IS Still Illegal – Huh?

Legalize marijuana, right? Wouldn’t you have thought that Clinton / Bush / Obama would have figured this one out? Isn’t this why we HAVE Baby Boomer presidents? That’s what many of us wanted and thought. But, it seems that in addition to our presidents, not all of us actually do. According to a poll by […]

I Don’t Want To Live Forever

David Ewing Duncan discusses the opportunity and issues surrounding our increasing life expectancy in “How long do you want to live?” that’s running in today’s New York Times. Here is the comment I posted on the Times site: “I am just now finishing writing the book, “Boomercide: From Woodstock to Suicide” in which I discuss […]

No Tubes Please. IT’S DNR For Me. Yes, This Is My Arm.

I’ve been thinking about getting my first tattoo for over a year. My book has a chapter on what everyone should have (advance directives, DNR, will, some savings cause Social Security isn’t going to cut it, etc.) I thought, hey, why not get inked.  Plus, I live in Portland one of the most tatted cities […]