3 Baby Boomer Presidents And Marijuana IS Still Illegal – Huh?

Legalize marijuana, right? Wouldn’t you have thought that Clinton / Bush / Obama would have figured this one out? Isn’t this why we HAVE Baby Boomer presidents?

That’s what many of us wanted and thought. But, it seems that in addition to our presidents, not all of us actually do. According to a poll by Mason-Dixon Polling and Research:

“The poll found that respondents identifying themselves as Republican and over 65 years old were more likely to support using federal resources “to arrest and prosecute individuals who are acting in compliance with state medical marijuana laws*. ” More than 80 percent of the youngest respondents, voters under 34, favored “respecting state medical marijuana laws.”

*These are the same people, mostly Republican, that preach that individual states should have the right to pass their own laws as in less federal government – like they scream it. That is, I guess, unless, they don’t like pot.

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