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Gen X, Millennials And Gen Y: Will They Work In Advertising?

“Are Advertising Agencies Cool Enough For Millennials?”  is a Talent Zoo interview I just did with with Michael Donahue of the 4A’s. The interview discusses the millennial generation and how advertising agencies are going about wooing and keeping this younger generation of Mad Men. The interview got me thinking about the definition of Millennials, Gen X […]

Best Places To Retire (Really?)

“Best Places to Retire” is one of those standard go-to magazine and website articles designed to capture the dreams of Baby Boomers. I get it. They  usually include a mix of criteria like cost-of-living; climate; the economy; health care; recreation and occasionally culture. Me? I need culture. I need intellectual stimulation not another discussion about […]

Baby Boomers May Opt For Communes (Again)

I didn’t ever live in a commune. I visited a few in the 1970’s in California, Massachusetts and Vermont. But the lifestyle just didn’t do it for me. A bit too cozy?  Too “hippy”? Too smiley? Too many vegetables? Who knows. But, it did occur to me recently that people over, say 60, could actually […]

Are Bernanke And The Fed Killing Baby Boomers Via Low Interest Rates?

It is very hard for most of us to remember the days when your savings could safely grow via double digit interest rates. In the 1980’s you could generate 18%, in the 1990’s 8%. Today? How does 1.05% for a 1 year CD sound? 18% wow. Hey, if you had just $200,000 in savings you […]

Credit Card Debt: Who Owes The Most? Baby Boomers Or Gen X / Gen Y?

It might make sense to think that the younger generation uses their credit cards more than most and are sitting on some serious credit card debt but, they are not the leaders. Baby Boomers, according to the report The Plastic Safety Net from the public policy outfit Demos, are winning here. The group with the […]