Digital Not A Branding Vehicle (?)

images branding“Few Digital Marketers” Feel That Digital Has Delivered As A Branding Vehicle

Wha? I mean, what’s left to say? From Millward Brown — and their survey of 300 digital marketing decision-makers….

 “Digital held promise for brand marketers, but for all its promise, it has never delivered as a branding vehicle.”

Exactly half of the respondents either somewhat agreed (19%) or strongly agreed (31%) with that statement, with only 28% disagreeing to some extent. (The rest were neutral on the topic.)”

OK, I’ll say something. Maybe these survey respondents, um, “digital marketing decision-makers” need to get a new advertising / digital agency cause digital does B R A N D I N G … and other nice things like delivering lots of information, making friends, building mailing lists, putting brands in pockets, promoting and on.

Hey, its 2014 which is about 20 years since I ran my first banner ad (20!) yet a “few digital marketers” still don’t get “digital?’

Go get ’em agency folks.


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