Watch As Canada Pitches Clinton & Trump

Canada Pitches Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

images flagI have worked with a few Canadian advertising and digital agencies on their business development programs. I even went so far as to learn Canadian. Even looked at a map of Canada. Note: my personal research indicates that 94% of USA citizens cannot find Toronto on a North American map.

For some reason, and this is way unexpected, Canadian agencies actually have a serious sense of humor. Something most American agencies do not. Crazy right? See what I mean in this post about unignorable agencies. This post includes Canada’s John St.

A head scratcher… Why don’t more advertising agencies employ humor in their new business programs? In most cases, agencies say close to exactly what the agency down the street says in the same way that the other agency says it. Dumbfounding if you think that agencies are in the business of helping their clients stand out from highly competitive packs.

Humor tells stories. Humor sells. Humor gets passed around. Humor goes viral (like the following video will.)

Now, With Even More Laughs

Today, I offer more from Zulu Alpha Kilo and its pitch for the Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump campaign accounts. As ZAK says:

After winning Ad Age Small Agency of the year in 2016, Toronto-based Zulu Alpha Kilo decided to break into the U.S. market with a tongue in cheek political satire. Frank Zulu is the fictional founder of the agency and a character created for Zulu’s parody website which pokes fun at the absurdities of all agency websites and even Zulu itself.

Ok, on to the Clinton and Trump pitch video.

The wall copy (think Mexicans and emails) alone is worth the price of watching.



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