Advertising Agency New Business Math Sucks

Yes, I said it sucks.

Here is what I hear every day from large and small agencies. This should sound familiar. In fact, it is what I said when I owned my own agency and ran business development at Saatchi.

I  close 80% of all the face-to-face new business meetings I have. All I need is to get in to in the room.

We lost the pitch but we came in second.

Um… does this add up? Everyone came in second? Nope. So, like I said, advertising agency new business math sucks.

That said, it IS a numbers game. What do I mean?

Have an “A” list of 25 or so clients that you really want (and should have) and then market to them. Intelligently. Try this for ideas:  “13 Free Big Data Tools For Advertising Agency New Business”

Have a longer list of all the others that should know about your agency and find efficient tools to have them find you or for you to reach out to them, say about once a month. At the most.

If you don’t generate awareness, and this IS a numbers game, you are invisible. Invisible  isn’t good.

Lets talk. Its free. Oh, about 75% of the agencies that contact me wind up using my services. These numbers don’t suck.


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