Why Did Adidas Steal Its Advertising Slogan

Adidas Impossible Is NothingClearly, Nothing Is Impossible For Adidas

Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising reported yesterday that they held an online all-hands London office meeting. They pointed to the now decades-old agency inspirational slogan: Nothing Is Impossible as proof that they get things done.

What most Saatchi people do not know is that Adidas outright stole the Saatchi slogan, flipped it and used it for 20 years.

A bit of history for Saatchi people (and anyone that will find this micro-story about client theft) a bit amazing.

Back in the 1990’s Maurice Saatchi and I pitched for the global Adidas account.

We lost, read about the sad yet very teachable moment here, The Worst Advertising Presentation – Ever. 

We Lost. But Adidas Stole The Saatchi Slogan.

After the pitch, Adidas quickly stole our Nothing Is Impossible slogan and flipped it to Impossible is Nothing.

Insane. Right?

I never got an answer to this simple question… Why Did Adidas Steal Its Advertising Slogan?? I did ask Adidas. Maybe I should have asked their agency, Leagas Delany.

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