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How To Own A Brand Positioning

Ah, The Brand Positioning – How Are You Going To Own Yours? All of the medium to small advertising, PR, design and digital agencies I work with (even network agencies) are by nature, challenger brands. As in, they are not R/GA or Droga 5 or 72andSunny or today’s hottest – pick your current digital-flavor-of-the-month specialist. I’m sure […]

Is Your Advertising Agency Positioning “Normcore?”

The June ’14 issue of WIRED reports that “normcore” is a jargon word to watch. Normcore is so vanilla that it reminds me of at least 50% of the advertising agencies. That’s all agencies. Here is WIRED’s definition. Averageness as a personal style. The apotheosis of anti-fashion, being normcore entails blending in – wearing a […]

Emotional Marketing As An Advertising Agency Positioning

            I am talking with one of my clients about an agency positioning that positions them as an expert on emotional marketing. As in, the agency is an expert at triggering an emotional response in the consumer. Yes, they have the right chops for this. And, they live in the right […]

Ad Agencies, Please Watch This Video On Brand Positioning

Here is the point on agency positioning I make in my white paper “The 22 Most Valuable Lessons I learned While Running An Advertising Agency“: Create an ad agency brand positioning that differentiates your agency from your competition. Right, you’ve heard this one before. More importantly, have a true brand positioning – it’s really a […]

The Lunacy Of Advertising Agency Positioning

Ever looked for a new positioning for your advertising agency? If the answer is yes, you are not alone. There are thousands of advertising agencies that wake up everyday and wonder if their agency brand position is going to help them get the attention of a desirable account. Unfortunately, they go to sleep knowing that they haven’t […]