7 New Advertising Agency Resources

My holiday gift this year is to send you off with 7 new advertising agency resources. Some of these tools should help you grow your agency by fine-tuning its marketing programs and making you look smart.

Yes, that is David Ogilvy. His Madmen resources included a typewriter, pencil and paper and brilliant ideas. It was a bit less complicated then. Oh, except for coming up with brilliant ideas. Y’all still need those.

If you dig these new resources, head over the master advertising agency resource list for a bazillion more.

Speed Is Good.

Google PageSpeed Insights. Do you know how fast your website download speed is and how its performance ranks against your competitive agencies? Here’s the drill. If your site takes too long to download, it will lose some traffic.

Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test. Here’s another very important test. If you are like me, over 20% of your website visitors are looking at you on a mobile device then you better make sure that they are digging how fast your website loads.

BROWSEO. We might be getting a bit geeky here. That said, BROWSEO helps you view any web page like search engines see it. The tool helps you to identify issues with your site and with your current and future clients’ websites.

What Are People Searching For?

AnswerThePublic. This is a free visual tool that shows you what questions and queries your consumers have by getting a free report of what they’re searching for at Google.

Google Trends. Chances are good that you are aware of Google Trends. This a powerful tool to help you know what is hot and what is not on Google’s search universe. A look at the top 2019 Google searches may or may not make you a fan of humanity.

Amazon Best Sellers. Here is a list just for you if you want to see what the world is buying.

Social Mention.  Ever wonder what the world is saying about you or your company? Here you go. This is what they say (better than I could): Social Mention is a simple, useful tool for monitoring and tracking social media. It helps you see who’s making references to you or your company — or to any topic, for that matter. It aggregates user-generated content from across different social networks, letting you search and analyze it all in one place.

OK. One More Advertising Agency Resource.

That’s me if you want to grow your bottom line in 2020.

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