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Steely Dan And The Advertising Agency Of The Future

Steely Dan – A Potential Advertising Agency Of The Future Template Two bits of background before I get to an example of a Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame rock band that offers an idea for how to build and run the advertising agency of the future. 1. This post follows my September 3 post, “The […]


Nike & Kaepernick Nike & Kaepernick – more thoughts required? Of course not. But… our soldiers fight to maintain our right to protest. To fight against a protest that you don’t think is right, is wrong. Plus, one looks like an idiot shoving Nikes into the family BBQ. Plus – plus, this all makes for some seriously powerful […]

The Advertising Agency Of The Future

The Advertising Agency Of The Future – Needs Some Work What is the advertising agency of the future? It probably isn’t a full-service agency. Unless…  read on. My first job in advertising was at Dancer Fitzgerald & Sample. Back in the 1980’s, DFS was New York’s largest advertising agency. We were sweetly based in the iconic […]

Summer Viewing: Go To Manchester City

Got Some Time Off? If so, head over to Amazon Prime and watch the  All Or Nothing series that covers the 2017-18 season of the Premier League champion Manchester City. This really well shot and edited show covers the personalities of the world’s best football players, their brilliant coach, a billion dollar funded and run organization and […]

Need An Advertising Laugh?

I Know You Need A Laugh. This from Canada. Once again, Canada’s John St. Advertising (probably the best video using ad agency) delivers intelligent, brand-building humor. This time for a funeral client. While so many advertising people dwell in the land of data, we are once again reminded that a brilliant, funny, insight-driven ad drives attention, interest […]