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How To Win The Advertising Agency Pitch

Hubspot Advertising Agency Expert Series: How To Win The Pitch I won my first advertising agency pitch over 30 years ago and have been pitching ever since. And, channeling a bit of chutzpah, I’ve won more than my fair share at Saatchi & Saatchi, at my two Internet startups (I pitched VC’s and advertising clients) […]

Write Your Advertising Book

Write Your Advertising Agency Book I’ve written and presented at conferences about writing an advertising agency book. It could be a book book, a digital book or even a zine. Just write it and benefit. The benefits? People will buy it. You will look like an expert. You could make a few bucks. You will get […]

Your Advertising Agency Must Kick Ass In 2017

Dear Advertising Agency: Kick Ass In 2017 As you will see below, times are tough and getting tougher for advertising agency business development. Clients are confused; are (massive understatement coming…) a bit uneducated in all of the new advertising options; worried about their budgets; worried about ROI; worried about data overload; find it hard to work with a […]

Trump Wins – A Mexican Newspaper Headline

Trump: A Mexican Newspaper Headline I’ve gotten lots of tongue-in-cheek congratulations today from the USA friends on Trump’s win. OK, not because he won. While not apolitical, I don’t broadcast my personal politics. The congratulations came because my wife and I were so smart to have moved to Mexico in July. As background, here is my Moving To […]

More: How To Build A Smarter Advertising Agency Business Development Program

How To Build A Smarter Advertising Agency Business Development Program – Part Two This Is part two of an interview about becoming a smarter advertising agency… Part One is right here. WARNING: This is a long blog post about how to build a better, smarter advertising agency. Actually, this is Part One of an even […]