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How Bad Service Screws Ad Agencies

How A Client’s Bad Service Screws Ad Agencies This is a post about how ad agencies are at the mercy of their clients. I am talking about how agencies can be the victims of clients that do not deliver on their brand, product, and service promises. How the client’s, not the agency’s, bad service can […]

Nike Made Me Sell My Advertising Agency

How Nike And Its Shortsightedness Helped Me Sell My Advertising Agency. YO, here’s how Nike blew my mind and reinforced my desire to sell my advertising agency. I talk to agency owners a couple of times a month about their plans (hopes, that is) for selling their advertising agency sooner or later. Some are young […]

How NOT To Build A Winning Advertising Agency New Business Program

How Not To Win While Losing A friend in advertising sent me the following email. I’ll follow it with some thoughts. I removed names to protect the innocent (actually, not so innocent). “I read your long blog post, “How to Build A Winning Advertising Agency New Business Program“. Every sentence is worthwhile. I did new business at […]

My Friend David Bowie On My Personal Mantra

Just Watch & Listen To His’ Advice. Hey, you could be reading a bunch of marketing… advertising… ad agency… how to do social media, etc. stuff. This is much better advice. My Friend David Bowie On My Personal Mantra “If I feel a little unsafe where I am going –  I am going in the […]

The 4 Worst Habits Of Advertising Agency Sales

The 4 Worst Habits Of Advertising Agency Sales Yes, just 4 worst bad sales habits. After a few years of digging deep into the business development plans and the daily habits of a range of advertising, PR, design and digital agencies, a few common bad habits rear their heads all too often. Here are what I think are the […]