WTF? A Quick Business Development Lesson

Last week I got two calls from clients looking for advertising agencies. Two in one week and I am not positioned as an agency search consultant. Interesting. OK, it might have something to do with my agency directory.

One is based in Europe and is developing an international pet brand, they are well-funded and I am turing them on to a great west coast digital shop.

The other is in LA and is an HBA account that’s associated with Target (you know, that small retailer.) They are looking for an agency that gets women and retail. So, I call a friend at a “creative” Portland agency with the right national experience, tell her about the account and she tells me that her CEO will call me. He calls me a couple of hours later and leaves a message. I call back within minutes but he’s not there.

Here is the WTF part. I made the first call last Wednesday (today is Monday), he called back that afternoon… but, no word since then. What? I call with a Target related lead and its been 4 days since the first call and he hasn’t made contact or looked all that interested.

Are creative agencies lame? Or, just this case?

All I know is that when I get a lead, I jump on it. Don’t you?


  1. Some you jump on more than others. But I dont see how you couldnt jump all over this one. Maybe there are some other agencies you could forward that lead to with less obvious women/retail experience. Peter, have you been working out?

  2. I bet a smaller agency would have jumped all over it. That is the great conundrum – the big guys aren’t hungry enough, and the little guys typically don’t have the exposure that generates those types of calls.

  3. Send your leads to me. We may be a small communications firm but we’re extremely responsive. You have to be these days!

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