Weekend Musica – Aterciopelados

Aterciopelados Video To Start Up Your Weekend

download aaSo like I’m starting to re-study Spanish. Heading to Sayulita for XMAS with the family and moving to Mexico in 2016. Why not? I can work from anywhere and the time zone is right on.

From Wiki-Landia:

Aterciopelados (English: The Velvety Ones), also referred to as Los Aterciopelados on some albums and other promotional materials, are a rock band from Colombia. Led by Andrea Echeverri and Héctor Buitrago, they have been one of the first rock bands from Colombia to gain international notice and they are among the country’s top groups. Their music fuses rock with a variety of Colombian and Latin American musical traditions. Time magazine wrote that “Aterciopelados’s true skill lies in its ability to take north-of-the-border musical styles…and breathe new life into them, all while giving them a distinctly Colombian sheen.”

I say: Digo, visita este video y cavar a su sonido. Perfecto para un fin de semana de otoño.


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