Watch Rémy Martin Win The 2015 Brand Passion Award!

This Is Brand Passion! Woman Downs Entire Bottle Of Rémy Martin XO Because She Couldn’t Take It On Flight

3994Now, ladies and gentlemen… this is BRAND Passion. In the 2015 mega-quest to help our brands become ‘Friends’ (and lovers) with their customers… this intimate brand relationship between a woman and her beautiful cognac should win a CLIO for Rémy Martin XO.

I am trying to visualize the award entry from the agency. How would they craft this story that Remy customers will never, ever, part with their XO! Hey, “I’ll miss that international flight… I just need to be alone with my Remy.”

The full story is on Yahoo!

How are you bonding with your customers?

I suggest that you head over to Branding Strategy Insider and its Seven Markers of Passion Brands to see how other masters are doing this.

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