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Guest Post For Fun & Profit

Yes Kids, Go Guest Post For Fun & Profit Just in case, this is what guest posting is (C/O TrackMaven): Guest posting is creating content and publishing it on another person’s website. Blogs are a very popular platform for guest posting. This is a great way to build an online reputation and for a company to […]

The Wide Wide World of Content Marketing

The Periodic Table Of Content Marketing from eConsultancy is an excellent graphical overview of the world of content marketing. It helps focus our attention on the most critical elements of building a powerful objectives-driven content marketing program including: strategy, format, content type, platforms, metrics, goals, sharing triggers and checklists. My suggestion… print it out and refer to […]

Inbound Content Marketing & Ad Agency New Business

Here is a sweet chart from a study on content marketing from Eloqua. The bottom line… create smart, targeted, strategic content (think blogs, white papers, SlideShare presentations, etc.) that will work as inbound marketing tools and client magnets. Content marketing works for me. That’s how I get my qualified leads. Here is the chart. Easy […]

The History Of Content Marketing

Yesterday I opined (yes, a Bill O’Riellyism) that we shouldn’t get all caught up in worrying about the definition of advertising. In my head, lets keep our lives simple and just believe that when marketers pay for our attention they are “advertising.” I sited content marketing as not being a brand new “advertising” idea (think advertorials) […]