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A New Advertising Award

Actually, A New Advertising Award And A Pat On My Back I’m about to digress before I get to the new (to me) advertising award. I’ve had zillions of conversations with advertising agencies about why their agency blogs get little to no traffic. I have lots of reasons. However, a key one is that essentially, […]

Top Advertising And Design Awards

A List Of The Top Advertising Awards & Why Winning Should Be Part Of Your Business Development Program Note: This advertising awards list gets updated. Most recently on 24 August 2019. I added the Ad Stars Awards. Let me know if I am missing an award. Note, Note: While your ad agency tries hard to […]

Advertising Awards

A Judge On How Not To Win An Advertising Award I Am Stealing From A Genius To Help Your Agency Win An Advertising Award Warning: I will be testy here. Despite the fact that advertising agencies love winning the big advertising award – they shoot themselves in the foot when writing the entry. Too often […]

How To Win Advertising Awards Like LONDON Advertising @ The Drum Awards

LONDON Advertising Kills The Drum Awards Plus An Interview With LONDON’s CEO To Help Your Agency Win Too Imagine an advertising agency that has a stand out, highly competitive  brand positioning (“One Brilliant Idea”); owns the name of its home city; beats much larger international agencies in pitches for global accounts; makes lovely and impossible […]

Go Ahead: Win The Ad Age Small Agency Of The Year Award

How To Win The Ad Age Small Agency Award? Twice? First of all, enter to win The Ad Age Small Agency Award. This advice might sound like a no-brainer but if you do not step up to the plate and swing, your chances of getting a hit are rather limited. Portland’s Pollinate stepped up to that plate […]