Pinterest = Content = Inbound Marketing = New Business

Pinterest content works. Google indexes it, people like its simplicity and it is very easy to update. And… it drives incoming traffic. Think new business.

Peter Levitan  peterlevitan  on PinterestI’ve got 1,117 pins and 38 boards covering hundreds of ad agencies in my Pinterest agency directory. It is found every day and agencies write me to ask to be included or to update their page. I’ve even had a couple of clients thank me for the directory, “Thanks, what an easy way to see all the agencies in my town.”

Pinterest delivers targeted incoming new business leads via DIY inbound marketing. It took me and an Odesk helper from the Philippines (I love outsourcing) about three weeks to get it up. Cost? My time and about $300.

My point? Just imagine what your agency could do if it concentrated on “owning” a client  or business related subject on Pinterest. You could…

Create a directory of every major CPG company.

Aggregate the “best of” social media promotions with sections on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

Do a “This Week In Marketing Technology.”

List and review the websites of your favorite client’s competitors.

Point to the history of Cannes Lions winners.

Show the history of mobile phones to start to brand your agency as “mobile.”

And on.

Need more business development stimulation? It is here.




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