Photographs Vs. Brilliant Business Development Insights

No Brilliant Business Development Insights Today

download (1)Too busy to pontificate (or bore you) – I am moving homes in Mexico. Going from my one-year rental to my newly built house in the Guadalupe Colonia in San Miguel de Allende. Guadalupe is known for its murals and tranquil vibe.

So to pass the time, here are some photographs from my growing La GENTE photography series. Here is what I say about the project on my photography website:

La GENTE — The PEOPLE is an extensive photographic project that seeks to celebrate the greatness of the people of San Miguel de Allende. My goal is to have more than 400 portraits of young and old from San Miguel de Allende that will be shown through a public art event in 2018. This will be a personal + visusal feast for the city.

La GENTE is my personal ode to my town San Miguel de Allende and its beautiful people. I go out into the streets using a portable white background to make my portraits. My goal is to have over 400 photographs of young and older Sanmiguelense that will be shown via a public art event in 2018. I hope this will be more of a party than a traditional photography show. The whole town will be invited.

Here are some shots.

SMA La Pulga P+L+L-158 Gente San Miguel de Allende_-7 La GENTE-37 SMA La Pulga P+L+L-25 Gente San Miguel de Allende_-12 Gente San Miguel de Allende_-12-3 SMA Centro 3.20 La GENTE SMA-12 SMA La GENTE B&W_ 20170607-DSCF6842 SMA Valle de Maiz-35 Bomberos-21 20161203-dscf6168

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