Me-Too Boring Ad Agencies and The Harlem Shake

AdAge writes,

A staggering 60 agencies –and counting– have already put their own spin on the Internet phenomenon, according to a Tumblr that’s been set up just to collect examples, called “Harlem Shake Agency.”  So far there have been videos by shops including TBWA Paris, Grey Moscow, DDBBarcelona and M&C Saatchi Johannesburg — evidence, clearly, that the meme has gone international.

No, sorry… its about the paucity of advertising originality. OK, its fun. But, this is an industry where agencies should be talking up real creativity not me-too creativity. 60 agencies doing the same thing… and promoting it???

From the ever entertaining Ad Contrarian,

Slaves To Trendiness

Take a look through any agency website and you’re sure to read about how innovative they are. They do things differently. They have a unique perspective.Spend time at these agencies, on the other hand, and you’re sure to find out how absurdly derivative and slavishly trendy they are.According to AdAge no fewer than 60 agencies have so far posted videos of their staff doing the Harlem Shake.Not only are agency cretins posting Harlem Shake videos, but so are advertising “educational” institutions like the Miami Ad School and the VCU Brandcenter. If that’s not enough for you, so have Pepsi, A&W, Chili’s, Google, and Facebook.

I guess one of the positive things about the web is that the life cycle of these memes is so short that by the time these dimwits have posted these monstrosities they are already past their sell-by.


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