How To Get Your Book On The Shelf Of America’s Largest Bookstore In 15 Minutes

The move from CD’s to digital music downloads; newspapers to online papers; cameras to smart phones; bricks & mortar colleges to online EDU; Best Buy to online book stores, etc. has been amazing to watch. Of course, Amazon has been a leader in this space and I am using them to publish my eBook (which is free today right here.)

This move from 3D to digital, known as disintermediation or dematerialization,  is one of the reasons that I could have my book move from concept to eBook and now paperback in three months. The paperback part has been very cool especially my use of the Espresso machine. No, not the coffee but the instant Espresso Book Machine. As Espresso says: “Books Printed In Minutes At Point Of Sale. For Immediate Pick Up Or Delivery.” By using this machine, I went from walking in the front door at Powell’s (America’s largest book store that’s right here in Portland) to having a paperback on their shelf in 20 minutes. The machine is like a big Xerox machine that took my file off of a thumb drive and printed a glossy 4-color cover, the inside pages and then bound the book at the press of a button.

15 minutes from PDF files to a printed book. Wow!


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