How Clients Find Advertising Agencies

sb10069456h-001-600x400I am starting a series of articles on how advertising and marketing clients find and select advertising agencies. My goal is to cover the advertising business development process from when a client first decides that they need a new advertising, design, public relations or digital agency to how they make their final selection.

Having been a global business development director at Saatchi & Saatchi, the owner of my own advertising agency and a marketing services client as CEO of two Internet startups, I know that finding the right agency is not easy. In fact, it is time consuming and a bit nerve wracking for clients of all sizes that have to make the right decision. Wrong is very costly in time and money wasted.

The first article on The Advertising Week Social Club is about Agency Spotter, a new digital solution that helps clients search for and discover the right agency for their specific requirements. Here is Agency Spotter in their own words:

Agency Spotter is reinventing how businesses find and work with creative agencies.

For every business, finding creative agencies takes significant time and is full of risk. Agency Spotter is a new start-up aiming to help change that. Our digital platform makes it much faster to find great agencies that fit your need and provides more information to help you make more confident decisions.

Over the next few months, I’ll cover the subject of advertising agency business development from the client perspective. I will review what clients are looking for, the process, the tools that clients use to find agencies (like Agency Spotter and the 4 A’s), the value of agency search consultants, how agency business development directors interact with prospects and more. Stay tuned.

My next interview in this series is on how to win a car account. Its with Ian Beavis, EVP Global Automotive Group at The Nielsen Company; former VP Marketing at Kia Motors; SVP Mitsubishi Motors USA and agency CEO for his opinions on what might work.

If you have any thoughts on subjects or people I should cover in future interviews, please send me an email –

corleone-sqIf you don’t want to wait to read all of the articles and would like to have me help you grow your agency (faster) take me up on my Corleone offer.


  1. Looking forward to this series. Big fan on your blog, I just recently stumbled on it and have been reading it quite a bit.

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