Did We Screw It For The 30 Year Olds?

When I started writing Boomercide: From Woodstock To Suicide, I didn’t really think beyond my own retirement fears. As I dug into the retirement savings deficit issue, I realized that I was just one of millions, make that ten’s of millions, that did not think that they had saved enough. Of course, being, well, realistic, I have a plan based on controlling my life expectancy.

Here is some more fodder from the new report PEW Social and Demographic Trends:

“More Americans Worry about Financing Retirement. Adults in Their Late 30s Most Concerned”

“About four-in-ten adults (38%) say they are “not too” or “not at all” confident that they will have enough income and assets for their retirement,up from 25% in a Pew Research survey conducted in late February and March of 2009.”

29% to 38% is ENORMOUS!

-> But, it gets worse. Who is more worried? Retirement fears peak in the late 30’s. What the fuck did baby Boomers do to screw up our follow-on generation? Feeling good about yourselves? I’m not.

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