British Advertising Maims

“Woman CRUSHED by giant advertising billboard on London street”

billboard-576667That is the headline from an article in the Expresss about a London billboard falling on a woman (who was OK, I think.)

I knew advertising could maim us mentally. Now, I know it can do it to our bodies too.

From the article (and why don’t they say who’s billboard it was)? Fast food boards are the heaviest.

Witnesses heard a “thunderous noise” as the heavy metal and wooden advertising hoarding fell from the side of a building to collapse on top of a woman, aged in her thirties.

Emergency servicesrushed the woman to hospital with multiple injuries following the horror smash in Tooting, south west London.

Passersby said the billboard fell up to 20 feet onto the woman.

Abi Kasipillai witnessed the aftermath of the collapsed billboard.

She said: “I just heard the billboard had fallen on a lady when I walked past.” A number of ambulances, as well as a fire crew, responded to the incident, but it is believed she was stuck under the board for some time.

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