My Best Business Travel Resources

Must Have Business Travel Resources

Traveling for ad agency business can suck these days (um, duh). Beyond the obvious: getting to the airport at rush hour; waiting in the TSA line; getting through TSA; gate hassling (“boarding group 9”); carry on stuffing and anxiety; being scrunched in a no-legroom seat; your late booked middle seat; slow exiting… Then there is the cost. Especially if your client tells you they won’t pay for $6,500 for 13 hours of business class to Tokyo. All of this calls for personal resourcefulness. Or, having a bunch of business travel resources at your disposal.

Here’s a list of some great travel resources that can make your business trip (and personal trips) easier and more efficient. I bet that many of you know about some of these. But, I recently mentioned SeatGuru to a couple of friends and they just blankly stared back. So, here is a short list of direct links to a bunch of business travel resources. (LOL, Google kinda still likes it if I keep repeating the keywords.)

Note, I’ll be adding these to my Big Advertising Agency Resource List. Have you seen this?

OK, go.

I am going to start with Plane Finder just because it is insane…

Plane Finder. Plane Finder is a geeky web-based and mobile app that lets you watch live air traffic from anywhere in the world. Did I say geeky? Try this one out. It’s kinda crazy.

Business Traveller. 12 regional editions to keep you up on the latest business travel news.

Momondo. These days I dig the travel metasearch engine Momondo. I simply like the interface and the information provided. Also the way they divide the flights into cheapest, shortest and best. Check out their travel information blog.

Southwest. Southwest does not provide data to flight aggregators. You need to go directly to their website.

Skyscanner. My second favorite flight, hotel, and car finder.

SeatGuru. This is simply the best website to figure out airplane configurations. You do want to know what is the best seat on that 777 to Tokyo, right?

Hotel Tonight. I use Hotel Tonight to find last minute deals. Often in the coolest hotels.

Trivago.  A sweet way to compare the best hotel options. Plus, they do advertising…. So support them.

Airbnb. I use Airbnb when I have to book multiple bedrooms for the family or if I am going to have to hang in a city for 7+ nights. They are also gearing up their experiential listings for local advisors to help you do things like a mezcal tasting romp in Mexico City. Here is an interesting interview with … the CEO of Airbnb. Just a good watch from Recode.

Eater. Have your client take you out for dinner. LOL. Eater delivers fresh food news and dining guides from across the country.

Travel + Leisure. Need more stuff? Here is a list from T+L on the 50 best travel apps.

Google Maps and Translation. Do I have to say more?



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