Another Photo Side Of Vietnam: Apocalypse Now

Saigon’s Apocalypse Now

My first couple of photos were tame. Kids having fun.

American buddies told me that I had to check out two clubs while in Saigon. One was Tuesday ‘ladies’ night at Lush (turn your sound on). My take… I could have been everyone’s dad, the sound was deafening (and I am not kidding), conversation was out of the question, strobes provided the only light, the Vietnamese and western women and men were all hot… you get the idea.

The other was Apocalypse Now. From Lonely Planet:

Others have come and gone, but ‘Apo’ has been around since the early days and remains one of the must-visit clubs. A sprawling place with a big dance floor and an outdoor courtyard for cooling off, it’s quite a circus, with a cast comprising travelers, expats, Vietnamese movers and shakers, plus the odd hooker (some odder than others). The music is thumping and it’s apocalyptically rowdy.

I went early hoping to snag some discrete photos. I made friends with a couple of the waiters, one dug my Fuji X100S (a great camera), that I was shooting in B&W and told me that I could bypass the no-photo rule for five minutes. Here are a couple of shots. Not yet processed but I’ll put them up now cause I am killing some time before heading back to Hanoi. By the way, I have been all over SE Asia and I highly recommend a trip to Vietnam. The people are wonderful.

The photo on the bottom is more like real life here than the club scene.

bar girl DSCF4005 copy












pool 1 copy













pool 2 copy


older lady test copy 3

The Vietnamese Advertising Scene

Oh, yeah, this is a blog about advertising.

I visited a couple of advertising / social agencies in Saigon. Vietnam is a major growth market. I’ll be writing about my impressions soon.


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