Ad Agency Holiday Cards Cheerful?

What Is Really Up With Ad Agency Holiday Cards, Etc?

A Tweet from ADWEAK I just had to echo… Hey, I don’t think that overdoing the advertising agency “creative” holiday message (cute cards, emails, videos) is warranted, necessary, distinctive or winnable. Did I say distinctive? How could it be when every agency tries to look cool in this same-time space? Yeah, I know, I’m being grinch-like. But, just sayin.

My advice. Wish your world a Happy New Year. According to the 2014 Advertising Age Assesment of Advertising Agency Self Promotional Stuff… 87% of advertising agencies spend over 60 hours of staff time doing Christmas greetings but only 12% of agencies do New Year’s greetings.

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  1. Great point. “Put the time into creative on my account, and send me an elegant card with holiday wishes”, I’d say were I a client.

  2. And nearly everyone overlooks Thanksgiving.

    Get ahead of the flood rather than appearing to have forgotten Christmas and settled for New Year.

    Thanks, Peter

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