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7 More Ridiculous Ad Agency Presentation and Pitch Mistakes

7 More Ad Agency Search Consultants On “The Single Worst Presentation Mistakes” Here is Part Two of a list of ad agency sales presentation and pitch mistakes from some of the most experienced people ever to sit on the buyer’s side of a B2B sales presentation table. This list, and the next three parts are from my book, “The Levitan […]

Ad Agency Pitch Killing Mistakes

Last Batch: Ad Agency Pitch Killing Mistakes This is the third installment of my list of 16 ad agency pitch mistakes made by, um, you Ms. Ad Agency CEO, Business Development Director, Creative Director and other pitch team members. This list is in my book, “The Levitan Pitch. Buy This Book. Win More Pitches.” Amazon is […]

12 Mistakes Advertising Agencies Make When Pitching & Presenting

Here are my 12 favorite advertising agency pitching and presentation mistakes. Delivered as a ‘must do’s’ cartoon poster. I’ve purposely served the pitching mistakes up as advice, as things to do. Why? Because as you will see throughout my paperback and eBook, The Levitan Pitch. (especially in the interview section) many advertising agencies, pitch leaders, and […]

Pitch Consultants Advice For Advertising Agencies

 Advice For Advertising Agencies That Want to Win A chunk of my book on how to win more advertising agency pitches included interviews with industry playas. These folks were agency owners, 4A’s execs, search and pitch consultants, procurement decision makers and legal experts. Many readers found these interviews to be invaluable in helping to craft […]

You Will Lose 75% Of Your Advertising Agency Pitches

How To Win More Advertising Agency Pitches? Well, Buy My Book Think I’m kidding. I’ve seen the common sense and insights and techniques inside my book work after people have simply read the book – they’ve won more advertising, PR, digital, experiential agency pitches. Other agencies have benefitted by hiring me as a business development and pitch […]