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How To Grow With Linkedin

Get Heavy With Linkedin I am looking at Linkedin over the past couple of days and I see a very smart Australian sales/ marketing buddy posting with heavy frequency on LinkedIn. I am like: “What’s Up?” Here is our quick but valuable discussion. (SHHH… the secret is Reach & Frequency) Peter: Damn. You are cranking out content […]

Lovely LinkedIn Statistics

LinkedIn Statistics I Love I received well over 2,000 referrals to this website from LinkedIn last year. I like that. I work it so it happens. In addition, hundreds of people in my network and in related fields have read my LinkedIn posts. Virtually all of my advertising agency clients come in as a result […]

Do You Hug On LinkedIn?

I love LinkedIn. It is a key element in my inbound marketing program. In the past 30 days alone, LinkedIn delivered over 250 visitors to my website and my posts on LinkedIn have been viewed by lots of nice folks. I’ve written about how to use LinkedIn as an inbound marketing tool a few times on this blog. Here is […]

Have You Customized Your LinkedIn Header Yet?

I did… Nice to see LinkedIn making some changes. And, I used the new Premium Account Keyword feature to get new keyword suggestions. Just click on edit and then edit summary.    

How Advertising Agencies Publish On LinkedIn

I’ve begun to test LinkedIn’s new content publishing platform. It allows all of us (the platform is currently rolling out) to publish long posts on LinkedIn — just like Mark Cuban. Importantly, your posts will be seen outside your own network. This is the big benefit. Here is LinkedIn’s announcement. “Starting today, LinkedIn is opening […]