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The Business Of Marijuana & Advertising

The Business Of Marijuana & Advertising & Publishing I’ve written a bit about the burgeoning marijuana industry and the new business opportunities for ad, digital, social and PR agencies (see a link to articles at the bottom of this post.) In Portland alone, there are over 35 medical marijuana dispensaries and each one has driven incremental business […]

“The Levitan Pitch” Ad Agency Book Video

“The Levitan Pitch” Ad Agency Book Author Video — On Amazon I’ve written and talked about why and how your ad agency should write a book. You can see my presentation “The Agency Book. From Idea To Published In 6 Months” below. In the presentation I mention that video is a great way to promote your […]

The Very Merry Advertising Christmas Gift

The Very Merry Advertising Book Christmas Gift I recently had one of the best known people in the advertising industry tell me that I might just be over promoting my book on pitching. I went, um, really? But, I did take note because he does know his advertising stuff. So, that said…. Buy My Book […]

The Video: How To Write An Advertising Agency Book

My HubSpot Inbound Conference Video: “The Advertising Agency Book – From Idea To Publication in 6 Months” Here is a video of the talk I gave at HubSpot’s Inbound 2014 conference. Watch my presentation to find out how to write an advertising agency book by mid 2015. Yes, you can do it. The video will show you how to get a […]

Why I Guest Post On Agency Post

Guest Post On Agency Post For Fun and Profit A post on today’s Agency Post blog got me thinking about the value of guest posting for ad agency new business. In fact, I’ve written on this subject before. Here: 2 New Levitan Guest Posts on Agency Post and Advertising Week And, here: Thanks To HubSpot, Ad Contrarian […]