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How To Own A Brand Positioning

Ah, The Brand Positioning – How Are You Going To Own Yours? All of the medium to small advertising, PR, design and digital agencies I work with (even network agencies) are by nature, challenger brands. As in, they are not R/GA or Droga 5 or 72andSunny or today’s hottest – pick your current digital-flavor-of-the-month specialist. I’m sure […]

My Book’s Video On Ad Agency Pitching

My Book On Ad Agency Pitching – And, The Use Of Video To Sell It A good and smart advertising friend is in the process of marketing his new book, “Rise Up: How To build A Socially Conscious Business”. Writing books is a good thing. He asked for some ideas on book marketing since I’ve published […]

The Lost Advertising Agency Client

Advertising Agency Clients Get Lost Interview: Bill Duggan – Association of National Advertisers At the end of phase one of my advertising career, I became a client of advertising and public relations agencies. As CEO and founder of Advance Internet’s New Jersey Online from 1995 to 1999 I was tasked, along with a very talented crew, […]

How Strategy and Brains Drive Attention and Sales

How Strategy and Brains Drive Some Serious Attention and Sales You are about to read one of many interviews with advertising geniuses that are in The Levitan Pitch. my book on pitching and presenting. You can buy the book from Amazon and I make is really easy at the bottom of this interview. But, first… […]

The Business Of Marijuana & Advertising

The Business Of Marijuana & Advertising & Publishing I’ve written a bit about the burgeoning marijuana industry and the new business opportunities for ad, digital, social and PR agencies (see a link to articles at the bottom of this post.) In Portland alone, there are over 35 medical marijuana dispensaries and each one has driven incremental business […]