Trump Wins – A Mexican Newspaper Headline

Trump: A Mexican Newspaper Headline

trumpI’ve gotten lots of tongue-in-cheek congratulations today from the USA friends on Trump’s win. OK, not because he won. While not apolitical, I don’t broadcast my personal politics.

The congratulations came because my wife and I were so smart to have moved to Mexico in July. As background, here is my Moving To Mexico post.

The Headline

The point of this blog post is that I imagine that some Americans must be wondering what the Mexican press has to say.

Above is one of the newspaper headlines. Translates to: Trump Wins… and Shocks The World 

I had lunch with a Mexican friend today. She asked me these three questions. How to answer?

When will the American police start to round up the millions of Mexican children living in the USA?

Don’t Americans remember that the last time a Republican was president the USA wasted trillions in Iraq and launched a massive recession?

Will there really be a wall?

I just shrugged my shoulders. I do not care if you voted for Trump or not. How do you answer these questions in a way that makes sense?


Wondering what the Trump peso effect is? Here’s a chart. In this case, I can say that Donald Trump beeeen berry gooood to me.




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