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Portland Tech Companies On YouTube

Did you miss the 2014 PIE (Portland Incubator Experiment) 2014 Demo Day? Well, here are the videos from the class of 2014’s brand new tech companies. Put your agency hat on and think through how your ‘ad agency’ could play a role in your city’s start-up community. Why? Here are 5 reasons: You need to be connected […]

Advertising Agency Business Development Seminar @ Portland Ad Fed

Agencies love their friends, their Rolodex’s (yes, we still use this word) and claim that they win more business from referrals than any other new business method. 3 reasons why: Friends are friends and friends have friends. Friends should recommend you. Current and past clients should recommend you. See “The One Number You Should Grow” […]

Why I Live In Portland Oregon

Estatley has 37 reasons for living in Portland, Oregon. Or, for some, 37 reasons not to. This is what Portland looked like last weekend: