P&G And A Brighter Toothpaste Idea

P&G – Here’s My Toothpaste Idea

I happened upon a P&G executive in Varanasi during my India trip, I am here the month of January. Our conversation netted a new toothpaste idea.

He said that he was in R&D and when I asked for detail, he told me that he was “upstream” which I take for management.

I asked if P&G was exploring the marijuana industry/opportunity and was told that if so, it was not discussed in the hallways.

I (humorously) suggested that they create a marijuana THC or CMD toothpaste.

My tagline: Use (Brandname-to-be-Determine) Toothpaste…

“For A Truly Brighter Smile”


“Start Your Day With A Smile”


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  1. Yes. Lift. The toothpaste that gets you out of bed and slightly off the ground. Hate your morning commute? Not any more. “New LIft. You’ll brush your teeth before lunch.”

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