Interesting Inbound And Outbound Marketing Numbers

I’ve Been Looking At My Network And Its Inbound and Outbound Marketing Potential.

Why? I am going to be marketing my new book in September. The book is about the art and science of pitching for advertising, digital, design and PR agencies. However, the essence of the book will be useful to the very broad B2B market. We all sit in rooms trying to sell something and we all make the right and wrong sales related moves. The book is designed to call these mistakes and opportunities out and immediatly grow your odds of success.

I will be employing both inbound (think of this blog) and outbound (think email marketing) to reach my target audiences.

Some numbers: 5,245 and on, and on….

I have about 3,500 email addresses for advertising executives based in the USA and English speaking countries.

I have 600 email addresses in my Outlook database.

I have 972 1st degree connections with more connections to, in total, 17 million “professionals in my network” — as linkedin loves to tell me. I have no clue what is the true value is of this enormous number.

I am connected to 681,536 people in my LinkedIn groups.

588 people are signed up for my weekly newsletter (which you will help me with, see below.)

I’ve got 1,507 Twitter Followers.

I got another 173 in my Google+world.

Based on this, I have between 5,245 and 686,781 to over 17,000,000 marketing opportunities.

Now, I bet that you are in this 17,000,000. Congratulations, you will hear about the book one way or another.

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