How Many Of Me Are There?

This is a combo blog post.

It is about searching to see if I am unique by asking, “how many of me are there?” Example, there are only two other Peter Levitan’s in the USA according to the website How Many Of Me. Hey, I’ll take that. (FYI: There are 90 people named Ted Cruz.)

Which brings me to the following question… How unique are you?



How unique do you think your advertising agency is?

The sameness I see when I look out over the advertising, digital and PR landscape is simply too, um, not so unique.

Similar brand positions; lookalike websites; not unignorable messaging; too many me-too offers; the lack of salesmanship. You know what I mean.

You can take the name off of probably 50% of agency websites and replace the name with a competitive agency and not notice.


OK, How Did I Get To This Question?


This is absurdly random. I have been studying the work of the artist Penelope Umbrico. She is way serious and has ideas that fit right into our culture. The kind of ideas that might spark an idea in a Creative’s head.

Check out her work. In this case the work Many Leonards Not Natman, 2009. Make sure you look at lots of her stuff. And, while you are at it, ask yourself if your advertising agency is as distinctive as her work.

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