Great 2013 Music (Not Advertising)

Here are some of my favorite bands of 2013. From London to Minneapolis to Brasil.

Listen and dig deeper into their world’s.

Oh, and a major shout out (yeah, I know) for the BEST music show on TV: Jools Holland & Later. 43 episodes of totally kick ass music.

Oh, back to the music… Play these videos for your kids. Please. Um, age appropriately… Mensa that is.

London Grammer. Lovely. Song #2 is fantastic.

Vic Mensa. Some Chicago for you. OK, LA. CK out the yellow Ford Bronco. My goal? Get my second (red.)

Low. From Minneapolis. Thanks again to Seattle’s KEXP for the videos. What radio is about.

Boogarins. 1960’s acid flashback music from Brasil. Cool, right? And just in time for the World Cup.

Elephant Revival. Colorado.

XXXOOO to all of my readers & Happy Holidays… Buon Natale!

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