Finally: How To Position An Advertising Agency

How To Position An Advertising Agency

I will say this quickly because you know that I have been hammering the point of agency ‘sameness’ for a couple of years: ad agencies do not know how to create a distinctive brand positioning for their agency. You can read lots of my blog posts on agency positioning right here.

A Well Positioned ‘Advertising’ Agency

Portland’s The Good is a agency that has been honing its positioning for the past 18 months. They pay very close attention to what their clients and the market needs and have adjusted their skills, messaging and marketing to deliver a very clear brand statement. Being this clear, is scary for most agencies who would rather live in the somewhat amorphous land of ‘full-service’ and ‘digital.’ Here it what they say on their website. Pay close attention to how they express their positioning and their word choice.

About The Good

The Good is an e-commerce advisory delivering significant online sales for national consumer brands.

The Good has helped brands like Nike, Easton, MasterCraft, Bell Helmets and Klean Kanteen drive sales and ensure proper revenue realization from their e-commerce efforts.

The Good’s team speaks and writes frequently on how brands can best serve their e-commerce consumers, leading to increased revenues. We also conduct research and publish insights on the state of e-commerce, digital marketing, consumer brands, and e-commerce consumers quarterly. The firm is based in Portland, Oregon.

I’ll deconstruct: they deliver “significant online sales”, they have famous brands, they “ensure proper revenue realization”, they are thought leaders: they speak, research and publish on the eCommerce subject.

Damn that’s clear and compelling. And, will be clear to any client that wants to increase conversions. And what eMarketer doesn’t?

Here is a quick deconstruction of The Good’s website — these guys blow me away…


The Good   Trusted ecommerce advisors

My deal… I help advertising agencies be this smart about how the can grow in a world of 4,000 look-alike agencies. Call me.

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  1. Heya Peter – We recently launched a new version of the site – and I’d like to believe it is even an improvement over the one you breakdown in this post.

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