Digital Agency Salaries Trending Down

Six figure salaries at digital / interactive agencies are the norm. But, they are trending down. Looks like pay for performance is up. From BusinessInsider

Every year, the Global Society for Digital Marketing (SoDA), and industry group that represents people who work at online and interactive ad agencies, surveys its members to find out what they earn.

The good news: six-figure salaries are not uncommon in digital adland.

The bad news: top-level compensation declined recently.

SoDA represents 60 digital agencies, including SapientNitro, Huge, and Big Fuel.

The data looks at salaries for CEOs and other managing partners, strategists, planners, and creative directors.


Here is one of the key chartsDigital Agency Salary Survey   Business Insider. Six figures is cool, but I would have thought the dollars would be higher. It looks like having more tech savvy execs in the labor pool is driving base salaries down:


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