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See How Advertising Agency Humor Can Sell You

When I owned my Portland advertising agency I was always looking for a way to really grab the attention of a business development prospect the second they hit our home page. I mean grab them. Excite them. Hold them. Sell them. An approach that I considered over and over was to have a stand-up comedian […]

Will You Sell Your Advertising Agency?

The Big Question: Will You Sell Your Advertising Agency? Will you be able to sell your advertising agency someday? The simple answer… probably not. That said, see below for two Portland “advertising” agencies that just got bought. I Know You Want It Most of the advertising agencies I talk with want to get bought – sooner or later. Who […]

How To Start, Grow and Sell An Advertising Agency

How To Start, Grow and Sell An Advertising Agency I have updated this 2016 post to reflect some learning from the past three years. “How To Start, Grow and Sell An Advertising Agency.” I figure this is a good Google-friendly headline. It is also the core of my advertising agency consultancy. I help agencies do […]

Nike Made Me Sell My Advertising Agency

How Nike And Its Shortsightedness Helped Me Sell My Advertising Agency. YO, here’s how Nike blew my mind and reinforced my desire to sell my advertising agency. I talk to agency owners a couple of times a month about their plans (hopes, that is) for selling their advertising agency sooner or later. Some are young […]

Sell Your Advertising Agency or Just Leave

Leave Advertising I just got off the phone with an account director at a humongous WPP agency that was telling me about his six years in the advertising business and his current ‘woe is me story’ (I love this definition: “ironical or humorous exclamation of sorrow or distress.”) My advice? Hey, many architects, dentists, dry […]