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Is Your Advertising Agency Ignoring Chatbots?

Is Your Advertising Agency Watching The Chatbot Space? I’ve written about the potential of chatbots as an advertising agency revenue and new business source. Read about it here on HubSpot and here on my blog. Facebook + Microsoft + Google = Pay Attention If you have any reason to think that chatbots are NOT going to […]

Chatbots and Your Advertising Agency

Chatbots, Bots, Guest Posting and Your Advertising Agency Check out my article Why Bots Are the Next Big Frontier for Agencies that was posted this morning on HubSpot’s marketing blog. The article discusses my views on the power of Chatbots, the looming opportunity for advertising agencies to get on this bandwagon and my personal experience running […]

The Idiocy Of Ad Agency Christmas Giving

Yes, Ad Agency Christmas Giving Is Stupid It is that time of year again. The time that many an ad agency decides that it is a great time of year to add to the ad agency Christmas giving clutter. Am I being Grinch-like? You bet. Does your ad agency send out Christmas cards or gifts […]

2016 Winners and Losers

My 2016 Winners and Losers Well, not just mine. Here is a video from L2 and its CEO Scott Galloway on his 2016 predictions. Galloway is one of the more entertaining folks out there and his take on what is working and not in marketing and the digital space is always worth a watch. He is […]

Your Advertising Agency Must Kick Ass In 2017

Dear Advertising Agency: Kick Ass In 2017 As you will see below, times are tough and getting tougher for advertising agency business development. Clients are confused; are (massive understatement coming…) a bit uneducated in all of the new advertising options; worried about their budgets; worried about ROI; worried about data overload; find it hard to work with a […]