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Advertising Agency Process and Profitability

Process = Advertising Agency Profitability Warning: While not as sexy as a new SnapChat advertising plan, this process-oriented 3,500-word post is all about advertising agency profitability. OK, OK, as an ex-agency CEO, I will admit that profitability is rather sexy. $$$$ A bit of background. When I worked at Saatchi & Saatchi one of the accounts […]

Marketing Tool Generators

8 Marketing Tool Generators A few years ago, my agency Citrus used a ‘sign’ to help us win the LegalZoom account. The Photoshopped sign illustrated how much Americans waste on legal fees. That’s it on the left. You too can use a sign to win an account. And, good news, you can use a sign generator […]

How To Build A Client Prospect list

The Ad Agency Client Prospect List I am a card carrying inbound marketer. Most of my advertising agency clients come to me via my inbound efforts that include some decent SEO, lots of informative blog posts and SMM (Social Media Manipulation – take that S&M). This is most likely how you found this website. However, […]

Top 11 Marketing Podcasts

My Favorite 11 Marketing Podcasts This blog post is the latest installment of my growing Advertising Agency Resources list. I’ll get to the Top 11 essential marketing podcasts below. But, first, a bit of my personal podcasting history. I’ve been hot – then cold – then hot on this subject. I was early into the podcasting […]

Resources: Online Education For Advertising Agencies

Online Education For Advertising Agencies… Online education, it sounds a bit daunting or even boring. But, here are some websites that will advance your knowledge and possibly intelligence. And, isn’t that what we all need? Collectively speaking that is. Oh, and don’t forget your career. Codecademy. It is time for you to learn to code. At […]