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How NOT To Build A Winning Advertising Agency New Business Program

How Not To Win While Losing A friend in advertising sent me the following email. I’ll follow it with some thoughts. I removed names to protect the innocent (actually, not so innocent). “I read your long blog post, “How to Build A Winning Advertising Agency New Business Program“. Every sentence is worthwhile. I did new business at […]

Is There Life After Advertising?

Is There Life After Advertising? Yes. FYI: This was originally written in 2015. As of July 2016, I now live in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. This is one of North America’s coolest towns and I can still run my ad agency consultation business c/o the sweet waves of Wi-Fi. December 22, 2015. Sayulita, Mexico. This […]

Advertising Pitch Planning: Tame The Meeting Beast

Poorly managed advertising, design and PR agency meetings waste time, kill creativity and cost money. This is a particularly nasty problem in the over-heated world of agency new business pitches. We know from a recent research study of advertising professionals by Provoke Insights that agency employees are dissatisfied with the agency pitch process.  “Approximately half (47% […]

Gen X, Millennials And Gen Y: Will They Work In Advertising?

“Are Advertising Agencies Cool Enough For Millennials?”  is a Talent Zoo interview I just did with with Michael Donahue of the 4A’s. The interview discusses the millennial generation and how advertising agencies are going about wooing and keeping this younger generation of Mad Men. The interview got me thinking about the definition of Millennials, Gen X […]

30% Of Advertising Employees Will Leave In 12 Months

And you thought that Cannes was just about sun, sand, booze, sex, ads and awards. From Arnold’s Cannes: Fixing Advertising’s Talent Crisis Campaign website: The purpose of this campaign was to advertise a speech given by Arnold Worldwide Global CEO Andrew Benett, centered around the “Talent Crisis” in advertising. The crisis as he defines it […]