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“Boomercide: From Woodstock to Suicide” Buy This Thought Provoking Book On Amazon

When I started to write my book “Boomercide: From Woodstock To Suicide” I thought that I might be the only Baby Boomer contemplating suicide as a life planning tool. It appears that I am not alone. “Boomercide: From Woodstock To Suicide” is now available on –>  Amazon.

Boomers Are Not Internet Slaves

eMarketer  reports that adults 50-64 use the internet significantly less that the 18-29 and 30-49 age groups. I am not surprised. I think (know) that we use the Internet more for its utility than as pure entertainment. For example, eMarketer points out that 55-64 year old’s use email as much as the younger demographics. Here […]