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11 Must Have Ad Agency Business Development Tools

11 Must-Have Ad Agency Business Development Tools (Updated From 2014). Things Change. NOTE: I first wrote this 11 Must-Have Ad Agency Business Development Tools blog post at the very end of 2014 and a few minutes ago the website checker app Checkbot pointed out that this post has a couple of dead links. (4.5 years […]

Advertising Research Tools

How To Win New Advertising Accounts With Research I am a research junkie. I think it comes from having started my career at Dancer Fitzgerald Sample, a huge NYC agency that excelled at consumer research and had a range of proprietary tools all managed by a multi-person research staff. And then, a couple of years at […]

Marketing Tool Generators

8 Marketing Tool Generators A few years ago, my agency Citrus used a ‘sign’ to help us win the LegalZoom account. The Photoshopped sign illustrated how much Americans waste on legal fees. That’s it on the left. You too can use a sign to win an account. And, good news, you can use a sign generator […]

Resources: Top 10 Twitter Tools For Ad Agencies

Top 10 Twitter Tools And Tips For Ad Agencies (OK, Everyone) I know from working with a wide range of advertising and digital agencies that Twitter can work very hard for B2B ad agency new business marketing. However, trying to run a 24/7 Twitter program that uses best practices to achieve an agency’s goals can […]

Some Sweet Free Consumer Research Tools

I Love Free Consumer Research Tools I wrote about the new world of free (or virtually free) consumer research on LinkedIn. I discussed how I used Google Consumer Surveys to answer the question, “Have you ever considered retiring in Mexico?” The survey took about 10 minutes to set up and less than 24 hours for me to […]