I Help Advertising Agencies Win New Business

globe.jpg  1280×1024In just the past few months, I’ve helped advertising and design agencies in the USA, Europe, Australia and New Zealand create effective and importantly, manageable, new business programs that help each agency stand out in their markets.

I take a highly strategic – and action-oriented – approach to new business and work closely with advertising and design agency management to build strategies that get the attention of their markets and win the clients that they want.

Creative services agencies have to create a differentiated brand positioning and competitive sales proposition and then use the right marketing mix to deliver their message to the right people at the right time. I will help you make this happen and once you get the call, I will help you create the conversations, RFP responses and pitches that win.

I am the most experienced new business consultant in the business

I know how to do this. I have been winning local, regional, national and international accounts for 30 years. Some of these wins include AT&T, Comcast, Dr. Martens, Intel, Legalzoom.com, Microsoft, Nabisco, Nike, Northwest Airlines, Radiohead (a good story, as you can imagine) and the United Nations — and a long list of regional and local clients.

I’ve been Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising’s North America and European Business Development Director; a successful small advertising agency owner (I bought it, built it up with clients like Nike and the Montana Lottery and sold it); a two-time Internet startup Founder / CEO (Microsoft bought one of my companies) and a master and inventor of digital marketing since 1995. I won two Gold EFFIES for content marketing before we even called it content marketing.

To get started, take me up on my Corleone offer.

Or, maybe you first need some third-party reassurance?

Does this guy deliver?

Remember, the Saatchi’s asked me to help them. Need more ammo?

“If you are looking for someone to help you grow your agency look no further. When my partner and I launched Fiction Tribe we went to Peter for his perspective on our agency’s business model and insights into how to build our business development plan. Peter’s understanding of client motivations and how to position and sell agency services is unparalleled.”

Mike Caplan, Partner, Managing Director, The Fiction Tribe, Portland

“Rarely have I seen a more creative advertising agency strategist or manager.”

Lance Mald, Executive Creative Director North America at Avon

“I have worked with Peter many times in varied projects over the past 25 years. Peter is one of the very few strategists that can think both analytically and creatively. All his recommendations were intelligent, appropriate, creative and ultimately, very effective.”

Beau Fraser, President, The Gate Worldwide, New York

“Peter is one of a kind. I have rarely seen anyone who could cut through the clutter to deliver rational, sound business-building insights any better.”

Steve Van Tassel, CEO, Weetabix North America

I understand your business

As an agency owner, I’ve walked in your shoes, sat in your meetings and dealt with your challenges.

Based  on this experience, I’ve created a set of affordable – action oriented –  programs designed to help us get down to it.

As I say in Let’s Talk, “Let’s meet for fifteen minutes—just 0.25 on the timesheet— to discuss how I could help you plan for growth.”