I Help Advertising Agencies Grow – Faster.

Look, I could go on about how I help agencies position (or reposition) themselves to woo new accounts or how I help them redesign their messaging or how I guide them with compelling inbound (my first social media program hit in 1996) and outbound programs. But, that’s what all consultants say.

So, don’t take my word for it. Here is an email I recently received from one of my agency clients, Sam Yadegar of L.A.’s HawkSEM. I helped them reposition the agency to break out from the pack and then buildout high ROI marketing strategies that are yielding new profitable clients. Read on… I like their idea of BP and AP. I’d like your agency to be AP too.


Pretty crazy stuff has been going on in new business… Crazy good stuff.

I started sending paid traffic to this new landing page concept (there are 50+ each with different headlines).

It’s less than a month old, but so far we’ve won 3 new clients. The crazy part, they call in, talk to us for 10 minutes, and then say the magical words , “what are the next steps to get started“ and some of the clients are pretty legit (Insert name of very famous client company here.)

There’s a lot more to do, working on more ideas to add stuff, but I think since the “about us” video you suggested, things are a little easier.

All the new stuff I want to add has the core idea of… Every single lead that contacts me is ready/excited to work with us, not someone that needs to be warmed up and “sold”. So far so good.

But for real, and an extremely huge thank you to you; you helped me tons. The business has a new timeline, BP and AP (before Peter… After Peter) everything (including financial numbers) are stronger AP. I’ll report them to you when the year ends.

Again, thank you so much for all of the smart advice!

Best Regards,


Am I A Decent, Smart Bloke?

I hate to have you leave this page, but if you want to get up close and personal… go watch my video.

book for pop upI Also Wrote The Book On New Business.

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OK, Let’s get Down To Business. Need help growing your advertising agency – much faster? I’ll help.

Small and medium size advertising, digital, design and social media agencies around the world hire me because they are looking for expert insights, smarter brand positions, and inbound and outbound sales strategies that win more new business.

Here’s a secret, even many huge agencies are not running smart, efficient, business-generating new business programs that truly understand and leverage the new world of B2B marketing.

Think I am kidding? 66% of agencies admit that they don’t have a business development system. Wow!

IMG_3516-rt-66-monoNeed a ‘road to nowhere’ factoid? According to a RSW/US agency report, 66% of ad agencies have no business development or sales methodology. Yes, that’s right — agencies admit this. Lunacy.


Let’s work together to build an effective business development program for your agency.

I take a highly strategic – and action-oriented – approach to new business and work closely with advertising and design agency management to build strategies that get the attention of their markets and win the clients that they cherish.

I have a shelf full of secret sauces that work.

I am the most experienced new business consultant. I have been winning local, regional, national and international accounts for 30 years. Here are just some of the wins – they range from Fortune 50’s to local banks:

  • AT&T
  • Comcast
  • Dr. Martens
  • Intel
  • Legalzoom.com
  • Microsoft
  • Montana Lottery
  • Nabisco
  • Nike
  • Northwest Airlines
  • Radiohead (a good story, as you can imagine)
  • The United Nations
  • And… a long list of regional and local clients in financial services, healthcare and hospitality

Let’s talk. It’s free and such an easy way to get started.

corleone-sqTake me up on my Vito Corleone offer. Let’s meet for fifteen minutes—just 0.25 on the timesheet— to discuss how I could help you plan for growth. I guarantee that you will come away with at least one super smart insight that you can use immediately.

One of the insights that comes up way too often is that agencies of all types don’t work on building client to agency chemistry at all on their websites. No friendliness, no warmth, no video…. no sense that they agency has welcomed the client to their website. Building trust and ‘likeability’ on your website is critical. Want to see a very ‘likeable’ agency? Go here.

Need some more third-party reassurance?

Remember, the Saatchi’s asked me to help them grow. Not enough? Need more ammo?

“Rarely have I seen a more creative advertising agency strategist or manager.”

Lance Mald, Executive Creative Director North America at Avon

“I have worked with Peter many times in varied projects over the past 25 years. Peter is one of the very few strategists that can think both analytically and creatively. All his recommendations were intelligent, appropriate, creative and ultimately, very effective.”

Beau Fraser, President, The Gate Worldwide, New York

“Peter is one of a kind. I have rarely seen anyone who could cut through the clutter to deliver rational, sound business-building insights any better.”

Steve Van Tassel, CEO, Weetabix North America

Thanks for stopping by. But… don’t be shy. Let’s get down to growing your agency. 2015 is a good time to start.