Two Inventions To Get You Sparked

Inventions? Sparked? You?

IMG_2211I am enamored with the concept of invention: meeting needs in new ways and in turning accepted ideas and ways of turning the same old on its side.

Right now I am staring at a big fat binder from Saatchi & Saatchi research and planning that I used in most of our new business pitches in the late nineties (and still use for reference.) These planning tools included our Masterbrand Temple, the Brand Detonator, SURT, Integrator and Old Brand Development. While they were all super smart stuff that helped us develop marketing strategies that lead to brand building and award-winning advertising, these tools also played the all-important role of dazzling prospective clients. Of course, Saatchi wasn’t alone in developing proprietary research tools. But, we really knew how to leverage the power of inventing new ways of doing business. Which brings me to the point.

Go Forth And Invent… Here’s Some Help.

download asGo ahead and have your agency invent something that will set you apart. You know that this is a good idea. Sometimes we need a bit of stimulation.

Here is a short video on how uber-inventor David Friedman invented the Aerobie Flying Disc and the AeroPress coffee maker. Hopefully this video plus a bit of caffeine will spark your imagination.

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