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Is There Life After Advertising?

sailboat-1Yes, there is life after advertising. Since you will most likely age out of this business by 45, it might be a good idea to start to think about what else to do.

I became, surprise, a business development consultant for aspiring advertising agencies. I spend about a third of my time doing this and it is working very well. Agencies need what I have to offer as my personal experience is steeped in agency management and sales. All in all, a very good fit.

Now, what about your life?

Of course, many of you have skills perfectly suited to another industry. After all, smart ad people are generally very smart marketers. You could join a client-side company; make a product; join a start-up; go freelance; sell flowers; sail around the world; be an artist; stay in every hostel in Spain; retire early; even consult.

Here are some links to get your juices flowing. I am particularly interested in what Pat Flynn at Smart Passive Income has to say. Hey, you could (like me) move to Mexico (soon) and do what you want when you want. For me, its all about ‘have laptop will travel’. Hey, I am writing this from Argentina and I have a call with a London client in ten minutes.

Entrepreneur. How to start a business online. I know you want to.

Ferris / Kagen. Seriously – How to create a million dollar business… This weekend. Do this from your beloved cube.

Fizzle.  How can you pass this up? “Excellent courses from real experts and a community of like-minded business builders.”

Razor Social. Ian is another genius who will tell you how to make money from your blog. He does!

Reddit. Hear your peers hash out what  your life after your advertising career looks like.

Small Business Association. The SBA to you. Your federal tax dollars want to help you build a business so you can employe your ex-ad agency friends.

Smart Passive Income. How to build an online passive income business. Read every word. Listen to the podcasts. Take control of your life.

Social Media Monitor. Avast resource for social media advice. use it in your day job too.

The Social M’s. How to use guest blogging to help grow your business. I do. Read about it here.

The How. Learn from entrepreneurs.

More & More Online Resources

Just one more element of my Big Advertising Agency Resource List. Let me know if I am missing anything.

More and more is coming. Stay tuned.

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  1. Thanks Peter. Lots of good resources. Talk to you Monday from Texas.

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